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Why is important to consult a Realtor when selling your property?

A Realtor is a Real Estate licensed who can assist, advice and represent you during and after the real estate transaction. Your Realtor will assist you during the process of:

Pricing, Conditioning, Marketing , Negotiation , and Closing of your property

Which Realtor to choose:
Most sellers choose their Realtor based on highest price they hear, that is a big mistake. It prevents your home from selling.Choose your Realtor based on services, not price.

A Realtor can create more demand for your property
A Realtor can create more demand for your home than the owner acting alone.This increase in demand increases the sale price of your property.
Realtors are always advertising to attract buyres to their listing . This advertising generates more buyers interested in buying, therefore creating demand for your property.

Also Realtors belong to the Multiple Listing Services. This allows hundres of Real Estate agents to show your property to potential buyers.

A Realtor can help you set the correct asking price
Pricing your home is the most crucial factor in making the sale.

A Realtor will provide you with what is called CMA ( Comparative Market Analysis) so you can have accurate information of the market conditions during the whole process.

The asking price must be an invitation for buyers to buy your property. The asking price must be competitive with the asking price of current similar properties in the market.
Many home sellers lose money because the home is not priced correctly.

A Realtor knows how to negotiate to get you the highest possible price
Since a Realtor is not emotional attached to the property, it is better to use a Realtor during the negotiation so you as a seller do not make an emotional dessicion that can cost you to sell your home for less or not to have a sale at all.

An objective and experienced Realtor can help you protect your interest and have your home sold at fair market value.

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