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What our clients said....

Marlen is very organized, and she works very hard for the customers

She has everything on writing. "That is very smart..."
said Mr. Sing

Sold Property at 37255 SW 209 Ave Homestead, FL 33034
December 2018.

Marlen has worked very hard to sell the house, that is the reason why I recomend her; as I already did when somebody came to see my house. I told that person, go and talk Marlen. She can expalin you everything; as the matter of fact Marlen sold that person a house.
The most I like from Marlen is the Loyalty
Juan Valdez...

The wife just said: "I am very happy with the sale of the house"
Zoraida Valdez...

Sold Property at 406 SE 17th Ave, Homestead FL 33030
December 2017.

The process was very fast, everything was explained step by step. We are very happy with Marlen and the network she has, the banks, appraisals, house inspectors and everybody tha somehow made this dream possible.
Thank you so much...
Maryluz Mirabal.

Purchased property at 155 SW 17 Ave, Homestead FL 33030
November 2017.

Marlen is a great fighter of the Real Estate, outstanding, no complain about it. Marlen helped us with all the financing process, 100% support.
The communication with Marlen was magnificent. We recomemd Marlen 100% to any other person
Mary and Javier Gamez

Purchased property at 34 SW 17th Ave, Homestead FL 33030
August 2017.

My best realtors,thank you very much for helping me sell my home quickly and for the money I was expecting.I am retiring and moving to Arkansas with the money I made from my house. Carlos and Marlen you have done a wonderful work...
Marlen Geraci.

Marlen Hernandez
Phone: 786-752-1814
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