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1. Wrong pricing
  • Price your home at market value
  • Talk to a Realtor, he/she can help you set the right asking price
    A Realtor can provide you with a CMA (Comparative Market Analisys) so you can have accurate information of the market in your area.
  • Do not mistake Re-Financing Appraisals for the Market Value
    A refinancing appraisal untruthly estimate the value of your property higher than it actually is to encourage you to re-finance.The real value of your property could be lower.
  • Improper pricing is the main thing why most sellers end up selling for less

    2. Not providing easy access to propect buyers
  • Not showing the property for any reason
    If you do not show your home you do not sell it
  • Sellers interfere with showings of the property
  • Not allowing buyers to see everything in the house
  • Your home have to be ready to show at all times within 30 Minutes

    3. Failure to make some repairs
  • A Couple hundres dollars invested in repairing the home will produce thousands after you close
  • Repairs are also necessary to trigger the sale

    4. Poor Sale technics
  • You need to have some sale technics to have the home sold
  • No having experience in sales can break the deal or no have any deal at all
  • Realtors are negotiators and can help you get more money for your property

    5. Making emotional Decisions
  • One of the benefits of working with Realtors is that they do the negotiation for you at your best interest
  • Home sellers get offended when a buyer point out something about the property.
  • Do not take those objections personally. Work the deal and point out the other good things about the home

    6. Poor home exposure
  • If your home is not listed on the MLS(Multiple Listing Services) you are losing most buyers.
  • We are in the computer era, you home must be on the internet on the major websites, like,,
  • Your home need to have virtual tour on the internet
  • Failure to expose your home on the market may cost you a lot of money.
  • The most people know your home is for sale the most buyers through your door the best possible price
  • If you do not use a real estate company to sell your home you are losing most of the market exposure.

    7. Not understanding the market
  • You need to know current homes for sale, homes under contract, and homes sold recently.Your Realtor can provide you with accurate information about your market place.
  • Understand Supply and Demand law. A lot of people buying, not many selling, the higher the price. On the other hand, a lot of people selling, not many buying the lower the prices
  • You need to know if it is the buyers market or the sellers makers.
  • On the buyers market, sellers make concessions to have the home sold
  • On the sellers market, buyers take anything bacause if they do not buy another buyer will do it.

    8. Going on contract with unqualified prospect
  • Showing the home to none pre-qualified buyer is a mistake.
  • Writing a contract with an unqualified buyer is the worst mistake you can do
  • You need to know if the buyer can afford to buy your home
  • Realtors only show houses to pre_qualified prospets.

    9. Refusing to work with Real Estate agents
  • A Real Esate agent can create more demand for your home; therefore, you can obtain higher price
  • Do not close your own doors to a great source of potential buyers
  • Be realistict, the majority of buyers go to a real estate company when buying a property
  • The same way when you get sick you visit a doctor, buyers go to real estate companies when looking for a property
  • Do not limit your market and advertising
  • Bi-lingual Realtors are highly recommended because they can target a wider market.

    10. Not Knowing your rights and responsibilities
  • Real estate contracts are legally biding documents and they can be complex and confusing.
  • Not being aware of the terms in the contract do not release you from any liability. You are responsible for what you sign.
  • Not understanding the contract can cost you thousands of dollars

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