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One of the major issue that sellers overlook is Personal and Physical safety.

Security is a major issue when selling your home by owner because you will be letting total strangers into your home so you have to rely on your own instints and good judgements when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

Risks you take when selling your home.
You will be opening the doors of your house to complete strangers allowing possible criminals to preview the inside of your house, increasing the possibility of theft.
You could also become an easy target for serial killers or rapers.

Some precautions you should take
  • Put away all values, like jewelry, cash money, etc
  • Put away all financial papers or anything that contains personal information such as Social Security Number, Finacial staments, IDs, Credit cards.
  • Never show the property to strangers at night
  • Open houses should be during the day and more than one person should be present. Keep your telephone handy at all the time to call for emergency in case needed.
  • Use a register book to record all visitors to your home.

    Why is a good idea to use a Real Estate agent ?
    When it comes to sell your home and safety, using a Real Estate agent is the way to go.

    Real Estate agents will only show your property to pre-screened people, so we protect your interest and protect ourselves as well. Real Estate offices keep a very strict control of its listed properties. They keep track of all showings, who showed, and when, so if there any cryminal activity they can report it to the authorities right away.

    Before you put your home in the market talk to a Real Estate agent, he/she can tell you some of the precautions you can take to have a happy sale.

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