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Once the terms in contract are accepted by boths parties, the buyer at his own expense have 10 days after the contract is acepted or 5 days before the closing to make all inspections.

Some buyer prefer not to have the home inspected because they want to save some money. That is a big mistake. Do not waive the rigth of having the home you are buying inspected by a professinal home inspector.

You do not want to buy a home and find out later that there are problems that cost thousands to be repaired. A home inspector can detect those problems at the right time so you can go back and have the seller to fix them for you, or give you the money to do it later. If the seller do not want to fix the problems you have the obtion to get out of the contract and find another property, but once you bought it, it is too late. A couple hundred dollars can save you thousands down the road.

Type of property inspections :
1- The standard home inspection(called the four points inpection)
2- The Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspection . It is required by some lenders
3- The Lead inspection inspection
4- The Radom inspection
5- The Asbestos inspection
6- The Soil inspection

Even though all impections are important the most important is the four piont inspection that covers the most important parts in a home such as:
- HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
- Electrical wiring and panels
- Plumbing connections and fixtures
- Roof

The four points or standard inspection covers the major mechanical system of the property including:
  • Integrity of the Foundation
  • Quality of the general construction
  • How is the condition of the plumbing system, evidence of leaks, clogged pipes, water pressure
  • The electrical system,electrical code violations if any.
  • The Heater and air conditioning system
  • Appliances performing
  • Over all interior and exterior of the property, windows, doors, garage door
  • The roof
  • Any building violation and potential eviromental hazards like lead, asbestos

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